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Our inseam can beat up their inseam.


Original Tree Climbers' Pants

4.6 out of 5 18 Customer Reviews
Our very first product is still the best pair of heavy duty climbing pants around. These canvas pants are durable, comfortable and just what you need to focus on the task at hand.

Style #102220

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These climbing pants are the britches that made us what we are today. Our 12.5 oz. pre-shrunk, washed Canvas Originals feel broken in right from the get go. Our signature Rugged Gusset™ crotch, industrial stitching and double knees allow for maximum freedom of movement, comfort and durability. Finally, our custom semi-tapered cuffs won't get hung up when you are doing your thing. So go climb something. Something tall and sharp. And possibly maple-flavored.
• 12.5 oz. Pre-washed, Ringspun 100% Cotton Canvas
• 3-Piece Rugged Gusset™ Crotch
• Signature Utility Pocket
• Double Layer Knee
• Boot Friendly Work Cuff
• Garment Washed

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Overall Rating:

4.6 out of 5
Total Reviews: 18
5 out of 5

Ok, what I would like to say is these pants are awesome. I have had the first pair for almost 8 years and there still wearable. I love these paints if you were looking for a pair of pants that will probably out live you, than you have found your pant supplier because they really are tough I work in the mountains of north Carolina and I beat these pants every day and I have tried to ruin them but the continue to stay in one piece day in and day out. I hope they come back with overalls. I heard they had them but then they stopped selling them . But any ways who is ever looking for a great pair of paints, you found it

- 11/18/2015

5 out of 5

LIFE. CHANGING. I spend everyday of my life dragging through the brush, trudging through the mud, scraping along the rocks and sifting through the sand. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people who make these pants. Thank you for making my life far more comfortable. I destroy work pants, so I will definitely write another post detailing a few months of me in arbor wears. Only complaint/question so far- what the hell are you supposed to put in the utility pocket? A cigarette lighter? Thats the only thing I carry with me that fits in it….

- 1/9/2015

3 out of 5

The sizing runs small. I own a few pairs of 30x34 blue jeans and am very happy with, however when I got these pants they fit pretty snug but thought they might stretch out a bit.NO, they did not. So try these out before you wear them to work otherwise you end up donating them like I did.

- 10/13/2014

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